About Edinburgh Gamesoc.

Edinburgh University Gamesoc is Scotland's largest gaming society, run by students at the University Of Edinburgh. We are a friendly and diverse bunch that like to get together to play video games and enjoy a good time at the pub. During the year we run various events such as:

Monthly LAN parties

We all get together and play an assortment of PC console games. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own stuff but the commitee does supply some consoles and even a VR setup!

The Video Game Music Game (VGMG)

A game which is run online on our discord server. The game is simple, a music track is played over voice chat in discord and you have to answer what it is.

Weekly Game Nights

Every Wednesday we get people on the discord server together to play an online PC game such as CS:GO, Overwatch. LOL etc. These are run by the commitee and give people an opportunity to try new games out and hangout with people.

Weekly Pub Nights

Every Friday we meet up to take a break from the stress of students life and have a drink at the pub.